Екс-голова Рівненської ОДА змінив партію

Колишній голова Рівненської ОДА Віктор Матчук став членом Аграрної партії, пише "РВ".

 — Зараз маю честь бути присутнiм на шостому з'iздi Аграрноi партii, — написав на своїй сторінці у Фейсбуці голова спостережної ради в групі компаній "УкрТехноФос" Юрій Супрунюк. — Приємно, що представники Рiвненщини сьогоднi теж отримали партiйнi квитки. Серед них — Biктор Матчук, людина, яка зарекомендувала себе найкращим чином на рiвнi областi й Украiни. Успiху нам!

Віктор Матчук працював головою Рівненської ОДА з 2006 по 2010 рік. Він був членом партії «Наша Україна». Народний депутат України 6-го скликання, обраний за списками Блоку «Наша Україна — Народна самооборона». Перед вступом в Аграрну партію Матчук працював у штабі «Солідарності» разом з нашим земляком Юрієм Луценком.


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http://www.zestfultravelling.com Travel blogs is doing diary on-line about ones distinctive traveling. Travel blogs generally relates to a sole trip and it also provides the modern information or maybe comments concerning this. Travel blogging has grown to be popular having many marketers on-line.
http://www.suitabletravelling.com Travel blogging is a wonderful idea. As an alternative to maintaining some sort of paper time-table, it is usually more extremely versatile and practical. You can certainly record this pictures in addition to videos on the important functions, places, occasions along with the wonderful. It truly is easier to see them in addition to refresh ones memories.
http://www.alonetravelling.com Retiree traveling is component of enjoying a lively lifestyles. Retiree travel seriously isn't like this retiree or maybe the retiree travel in this parents or maybe grandparents creation. One journey for retiree travel is usually to plan to search places you want to produce your steady residence.
http://www.virileautos.com Beyond a general description connected with performance automotive parts in addition to their operates, this document presents an increasingly advanced method to performance automotive parts for yard mechanics, as well as guidelines to help measuring effectiveness and energy resource efficiency gets,

http://www.voiletwedding.com Wedding receptions usually are held having warm thought processes and wonder as a couple beautiful persons connect hands and wrists to enter an experience on some sort of life, with each other. With just about every step them to take to this momentous event, a lot more exhilarating the item gets.
http://www.laweither.com Law school is usually hard -- simply just ask almost any 1L who's must go devoid of sleep for only two days to ready for this exam in the near future. What may make negotiating this jungle that is certainly law classes even trickier is substandard preparation, or an incorrect tools with your armory.
http://www.educationexplain.com Having my fascination and track record in knowledge, my coaching in China and taiwan placed me within a unique position to try and do firsthand not of Far east education by any means levels, which was on the list of primary requirements of the original sabbatical demand and the subsequent visits there.
http://www.realestatefurther.com Let's experience it - you should not intelligently invest in commercial real estate properties without the aid of an skilled. Hiring some sort of commercial real estate professional is your easiest bet next to losing a lot of money you'll very likely spend,
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http://www.petsmanage.com Emergencies may appear in numerous ways, whether it be by some sort of force connected with nature, or maybe a personal disaster. But still come, emergencies finally touch just about every family. Within the emergency, minds will likely be racing and will probably be nearly impossible to contemplate everything you want.
http://www.parentingfinally.com Modern ample standards include shaken this foundations connected with society. Effective parenting from the 21st centuries is complicated, but can be accomplished through making a strong in addition to balanced spouse and children environment, starting boundaries connected with behaviour, reliable discipline in addition to unconditional appreciate.
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http://www.lawevidence.com On common rules, an one who attempted to help rescue somebody may very well be sued intended for ordinary negligence as long as they failed make use of ordinary health care. New York's legislature changed legal issues so men and women who render medical assistance can at this point only possibly be sued intended for gross carelessness.
http://www.finisheducation.com Internet is probably able to help influence the education platform. I do believe, online knowledge (intended for K-12 and as well university knowledge) will always make education inexpensive, more relevant and even more effective in this changing earth economy.
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http://www.lawexists.com Six expresses have completely new driving legislation doing consequence in 08. California, The state of illinois, Nebraska, New jersey, Oregon in addition to Washington Talk about all include new legislation that concentrate on driving having cell-phones, text-messaging in addition to minors.
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http://www.sportsdecide.com Currently, there are many sports which might be played everywhere, with a lot of fans for every single. Some activities - like basketball, activities, cricket in addition to wrestling -- usually are universally widespread than some others.
http://www.listofpets.com Losing some sort of pet generally is a devastating affair that affects the full family. Studies have established that shed pets who definitely are microchipped employ a better probability of being reunited because of their families, in excess of those house animals that store no pinpointing information.
http://www.lawfinal.com There are a variety of people in existence who learn little on the unique variations of law which is the reason this section would choose to discuss in relation to civil rules. As a preliminary to discussing this law, it is all over again necessary for starters distinctions connected with terminology.
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http://www.admirablepets.com For some people, pets are a fundamental element of the spouse and children, and it truly is difficult to consider who will attend to them as soon as refining the plans family vacation. Many pet owners decide to bring their house animals along, along with the tourism marketplace is outset open the doors to allow them.
http://www.figurelaw.com May common perception in this country of which laws pertaining to land usually are complex and it's expert job to recognise and apply legal issues. Indeed, it truly is true which the method connected with land status system involves expert expertise.


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